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The narrow diameter of the Blanco tequila glass, plus its tulip shape concentrate the aroma in the center, allowing the nose and mouth to experience the enjoyment with each sip!

  • THE EVOLUTION OF THE TEQUILA SHOT : The shape of Atzin tequila glasses is custom designed to enhance the agave flavor according to each type of tequila while avoiding the concentration of alcohol vapor due to the porosity of its walls glass, thanks to this every sip tastes perfect!
  • DESIGNED BY MAESTROS TEQUILEROS : The Maestros Tequileros were set on a mission to design the best tequila glass. The result is Atzin's authentic, yet modern tequila glasses, resulting in a beautiful modern design made from a single piece of glass that goes through a tempered process, making them 104% more resistant to breakage, suitable for dishwasher safe and with a beautiful echo (CLING) sounds when you cheer!
  • SUITABLE FOR MEZCAL : These glasses are also suitable for mezcal. We recommend the Añejo glass for mezcals with lower alcohol levels (below 45%) and the Atzin Blanco glass is ideal for mezcals with alcohol levels above 45%.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR TEQUILA LOVERS - Each tequila tasting set comes in 3-piece sets, carefully packaged in original and unique tubular packaging with a background image of an authentic agave azul (blue agave). It is the ideal gift to impress the tequila aficionado.
  • CONTENT : 3 glasses for White Tequila, each glass weighs 3.7 oz / 104 gr and 16.9 oz / 479gr per set of 3 pieces.

Dedicated to enhancing the tequila experience through design and ritual.

What's behind our glasses?

Discover our RITUAL, a carefully thought out 3-step sensory experience journey, designed to fully appreciate the colors, aromas and flavors of tequila.

Step 1

seeing is believing

Step 2

Enjoy the scents

Step 3

taste the glory

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