KASSEL (405 ML) - SET OF 4

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  • CONTENT : Set of 4 405 ml crystal glasses for beer, Kristalov Kassel Collection.
  • MODERN AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The thin walls of the glass (0.9 mm) keep the temperature of the beer cold for longer.
  • ENHANCES THE AROMAS : Thanks to the porosity of the glass, it allows the beer to oxygenate faster and enhances its aromas.
  • RESISTANT : New technology that makes them more resistant to bumps and accidental falls. Dishwasher safe. 100% lead free crystal.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT : The stemware set comes packaged in an elegant tube ready for gift giving.

Dedicated to enhancing the tequila experience through design and ritual.

What's behind our glasses?

Discover our RITUAL, a carefully thought out 3-step sensory experience journey, designed to fully appreciate the colors, aromas and flavors of tequila.

Step 1

seeing is believing

Step 2

Enjoy the scents

Step 3

taste the glory